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PNC (Potential New Customer) Rather Than FAQuestions


I own one newer (<5yrs) and one older (>5yrs) PC but I prefer using the older (several reasons).  Obviously the newer is faster but it has other (mostly mechanical) problems.  The older is slower but much more reliable.  I have frequent speed issues, however, with the older PC (using Norton 360 Delux Plus 1 on both).  I am considering switching to PC Matic but I am unable to find any mention on your Web site (and cannot ask a phone or chat rep) about availability of the following features (which Norton does provide).


1) Live text Chats with techs and/or reps
2) Dark Web monitoring for ID threats
3) Password Manager
4) Embedded VPN availability


I would also like to know if there are Forum topics on this site (my search for keywords like "speed" turned up mostly ISP-related issues) dealing with customers who have reported improved PC processor performance after switching to PC Matic from Norton (I don't care about switching from any other AV provider).  


Answers to these questions will determine whether I make the switch.


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Hello @Just a Guy

To answer your questions about PC Matic features:

1) PC Matic does not have chat support. All support for PC Matic products is through our email-based help desk at https://www.pcmatic.com/help. 

2) PC Matic does not provide dark web monitoring. 

3) PC Matic does not have a password manager.

4) PC Matic does not have a VPN.


I'm sorry, but I am not aware of a post in the forums specifically reporting increased processor speed when using PC Matic after switching from Norton.

Though there might not be a post specific to your request, we frequently get reviews from customers regarding increased computer performance after they begin using PC Matic.


It won't cost you anything to try PC Matic.  Our software comes with a 30-day 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase or how the program works, just let us know and your money will be refunded.


Thank you for your interest in PC Matic.


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Appreciate the detailed response, StewieT.  I was already aware of the published reviews, but for many companies those are easily and often falsified (fake news).  While forum Comments can be as well, they take more time to create and are less prone to being fabricated.  I have no reason to assume PC Matic is fabricating reviews, just citing well-known statistics.  And yes, I also know about PCM's guarantee.  However, since I make use of live Chats, have been notified twice of dark web ID violations, and utilize both the password manager and the VPN on occasion, I am looking for replacements for each of those if I switch AV service.  Please notify me via email (since you have that now) if and when PCM adds any of those features.


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Hola @Just a Guy and :wpcm:


Thanks for your interest in our software. We've had lots of interest expressed about us offering a VPN service, but right now it's not our focus. That's not to say we won't ever, just not right now. This is not an endorsement from PC Matic, but personally, I use privateinternetaccess.com for a vpn. There are several great providers out there. I tend to look for their data retention policy and overall record in courts when subpoenaed. 


The Dark Web monitor is a great idea. Like before, this isn't an endorsement from PC Matic, I use the service called Hack Notice since my info has been obtained in a couple of high profile breeches. https://hacknotice.com/


Lastly and again, not an endorsement, but I use Last Pass. I've also become rather fond of the password manager Google has built into Chrome since it generates, fills and generally does what Last Pass does. 


Hope that helps and we look forward to serving your computer's security needs. 


Tx 🤠


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