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New Build Ryzen 5 2600X + 1660 Super


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http://http//www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=26071786 I did not log in to do the test, so I do not think it is saved, even though I look at it whilst I type this. Different machine. 


Budget build with last generation bits, but being AM4, it is next generation capable for the foreseeable future, according the AMD. It also has a PCIe vers 4 Bios .. not that that is any use ATM. 


The Gigabyte board was RMA'd and replaced, first time around .. I am still nervous about this replacement, however it manages to stay running now. Quite happy with it overall, and, as you can see, yet to put it in a box .. I am wondering how much RGB I should go with ... not usually a flashy type of fellow. :P Cost so far is under Aus$1,000 (US$600) I have never seen every frame of Time Spy before .. and Firestorm is *graphic*  :) 


I am curious though about why, when it says top 9%, 10%, 11% 12% ... it ends with 26% .. ???? NVM ... at least I got some results from the test. That was a bonus :D 




Picture 78.jpg

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It is an Intel NVMe SSD .. M.2 connection, under the vid card. Plus, it is over 2x faster in these tests than 2 other SSD's on other machines.  Maybe you misread the result, 1155 MB/s. The Samsung are quicker, but this is OK for a budgeted build. I wonder how your machine compares? A different testing program, providing a more likely result when compared to other machines, Passmark software. 


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