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William Hill Poker app - cannot uninstall

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Im now running Windows 10 (about flipping time!) but am having a problem uninstalling William Hill Poker app


Problem is - I installed it several times due to some problems running the software - I thought I had uninstalled it correctly but had one or two issue reinstalling.  When I was trying this it kept saying it was already on my system and would I like to replace it ...


Stupidly I clicked yes but now when I try to run the uninstaller from 'Add or Remove programmes' it comes up with a (2) on the uninstall address path and say it doesn't exist ...


My guess is that because I have created several installs the uninstall path is trying to uninstall version (2) or install (2) and of course that path leads nowhere :(


The path in the executable unistall path (via add or remove programmes) that it is trying to locate is: 


C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\William Hill Poker\internalSetupPoker(2)Uninstall1574912449984Uninstall1574913185104_na_en … but it says it cannot find this and the only path I have found is in the following location:


C:\Program Files (x86)\William Hill Poker\internalSetupPokerUninstall1574911729211_na_en   <-- when I try to run this as administrator it tries to install the software again ….I haven't don't that anymore! 


Any help gratefully received! :)



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Hi Philip,


Yes,I have installed and tried that programme but it just goes to the same path as the add or remove programmes and I get the same problem but thanks for suggesting it :(


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