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Missing driver


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Hello PC specialists,


I am new here in the forum and would like to say hello shortly.
My name is Götz and I'm from Bremen in Germany.
A good friend gave me the tip to sign me up here as I have a computer problem.
A few weeks ago my old notebook was stolen.
On the old notebook with Win 10, in addition to current planning softwares, old software was also available. On the newly purchased Noetbook, also with Win 10, I'm missing a driver for the Hardlock. On the Internet, I can not find a working download for the driver. Can you help me?

It is an old Aladdin Hardlock running with the driver of SafeNet Inc. with the driver version with the driver date 17.09.2015.
Thanks in advance.


Greetings from Bremen


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Hola @Götzand :wpcm:

I'm be honest, I'm totally unfamiliar with the software you're referring to. I looked it up and found this https://www3.safenet-inc.com/support/hardlock/downloads.aspx but I suspect your best bet is to contact their support personnel to get the driver you're missing. 


Sorry I couldn't be of more help, 

Tx 🤠

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Hello Tx,


many thanks for your response. I tried that two weeks ago, but so far got no answer. SafeNet seems to be no longer active, but also the successor Gemalto passes on the request to Thales. It does not seem so easy, but that's why I'm here in the forum.

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Hello Gotz,


The only official (more on that in a minute) link is this one:




It's a FTP site that is currently down. Other links on the page it derives from do not resolve. As stated above, the provider may have sun-setted this product.


It may be possible to find other users of Aladdin who can simply send you the driver(s) for Win 10 that you are missing. A quick google search came up with these:






There are undoubtedly more. 


Best of luck.


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