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Help?! Added second computer of 5, ran 3 scans, but none of them do the cleanup


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So I installed PC Matic, followed all instructions exactly (at least I THINK I did?) ran the scan, went back into the "pitstop" only to see that no test results are found and it appears as if my 2nd computer of 5 is there, but NOT properly added.  When I click to see test results, it tells me "cleanup" needs to happen.  Apparently cleanup is part of scan?  Why can't I get the cleanup to work?  How do I know it is successfully installed and running on my 2nd computer?

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Hola @nitav and :wpcm:


Thanks for your support of our software and my apologies that it's not clear what's taking place nor if it's setup correctly. Our Customer Support team is on the ready, 7 days a week and would be your best bet to get the clarification you seek and guidance to bring this to a resolution.


If you'll open a ticket with them, it'll allow us to get some more,pertinent info and point you in the right direction. A trouble ticket can be opened at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/default.asp


Hang tight!

Tx 🤠

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