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PCIe Speed and versions


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I would post a test, however it fully completes and then tosses me to a *no session* page. Anyway, I had an old Packard Bell AM2+/DDR2 which I had been upgrading over the years, vid cards and recently a processor ( AM3 CPU fits ). LOL, that was like puting a V8 into a Cortina .. the 10+ year old board died 3 months later, * POP * oops :P .. So, I spent $50 on a Foxconn AMD AM3 (A76MLK_3.0) PCIe V2 board that would take all the stuff off the old board, and give it DDR3 RAM and allow the video card to run closer to proper speeds. Board came as OEM, no disc.


FOXCONN (channel) site is dead .. no further support of any sort, it seems.  Everything I find is linked to their sites .. all of which are closed .. Some site must have stored the files. ... As, even with a  PCIe version 3 vid card, the version 2 board only runs at 1.1 .. .. 2.5GTs v's 5GTs .. version 3 is up to 8GTs.  Nothing in bios seems to change that .. PCIe Auto detect is off, or on .. and only seems to reduce EMI from any vacant PCI slots  ... It offers a GFX engine over-ride, but that is for the on-board ATI chip, and makes no difference if any aspect is on or off.  AMD standard M/B drivers work .. but nothing seems to make the PCIe lane run at the correct speeds. It has an nVidia GTX780 purring in it .. a version 3 card. Had that card in another V2 machine, and it worked at V2 .. so, any ideas, or links to active sites where branded drivers/bios can be found?


Thanks in advance. :)


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Bud, I can't fathom putting money into such an old pc, nor do I know where to find the drivers you seek. The driver repository in Windows has become really good, but you're dealing with a dinosaur. 


You might read this and see if any meet your needs. https://www.lifewire.com/free-driver-updater-tools-2619206


Tx 🤠

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Thanks Tx, spending Aus$50 (US$32) on the board is worth it, when it has much data and older games installed, lose all that on newer builds. I've had to do some games from day 1 several times, and whilst I get better and faster each time, I prefer it to be available with all the bells and whistles I have won in the games when I play. And, I already had the processor and some spare DDR3 RAM laying around. Thanks for the link, not a lot there I can find that might help. 


And to top that off, I was building another machine at the time .. http://http//www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=26071786 .. I am not sure if the link works, but I managed to get completed test results today. Poor man's fast machine :D


What I need to do now is see if the old machine will complete the tests. Not that it matters a lot, everything runs as it is, and that GTX780 has died .. has a GT740 on it now .. 


That is something I should also ask, has anyone had a card not recognised by the OS after a crashed 3D type benchmark? I had to RMA the first Gigabyte M/B when it continuously crashed during benchmarks .. on 2 separate top end cards, the GTX780 and an R9 390. The benchmarks would run on lesser cards, the GT740 and a GT630 both completed all benchmarks, albeit slowly. So, the board was RMA's, and they say they gave me a new one. The serial number is only a sticker on the power block, not etched onto the board anywhere. Anyway, got that new board, and only ran the 780 in it. Driver swaps all day are a pest. :P 


It seemed OK, had crashed once or twice away from benching, so I was nervous about the *new* board. Did they try a repair and replace the sticker? I was in a CPU_Caps test, they have a neat little CPUz type thing that looks at lots of stuff. The machine died in one of those tests, went to blinking bios lights and needed restarting. I then started the same test on a second machine and simultaneously started it on the new one .. 25 seconds in, the new machine crashed again, and when restarted this time, the vid card was a dud to the OS, it does present its' bios on the start screen,, but is now not recognised on ANY machine .. :( I am just lucky to have a few spare bits laying around. It has not always been the case over the last 15 years. 


I was always getting a newer vid card, the 1660 Super showed up and was priced right on the day. The delays with the RMA only meant I could save and buy the 1660 before I got the RMA back. The GTX780 is not a desperate need, 3 spare cards, but it is the fastest of the spares and I am peeved at it being *killed* during a simple benchmark, on a replaced mobo. 





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