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Can not see test results ..

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Me and 1000s of others ... running these tests has become a joke, and this was a wonderful place to get great advice. Fully complete all tests, have cookies exactly how they say, active X allowed and obviously active ... tried on 2 different machines, both exactly the same, get to the end and sit looking at a BS screen telling me I have not done anything. Lying to me about my cookie settings, lying to me about no session, how pathetic. I note also, many complain of this, yet there are no answers offered and the ones with a comment say the developers have been contacted. Well, for 3 years I have been seeing this anonymously, not bothering to log in, especially when the only reason to come here these days, is BROKE. Truly sad that the mighty $$$$ has overtaken the original site objectives, with this place, like so many good things, going to greed. The real reason things do not work for most, is so they can trap you into buying a full installed version.

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Hola @ByGeorge and sorry for the delayed response, 


Thanks for the kind words, I too agree we have a wealth of great info here, both from the forums and the OverDrive test. I've used the test over the years to help diagnose computers myself and it's been very helpful, but the test not working as expected has become a point of frustration. For that, please accept my sincere apologies. The OverDrive test is running on very old technology and hasn't been the focus of our development as we've moved to more security focused software. It's not about monies, we've just evolved as a company.


That being said, we are  going to look into getting this rectified, but there's a possibility that we'll pull the OverDrive test offline till it's back to it's previous glory.


Thanks for your support all these years and we hope you stick with us!


Tx 🤠



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I hadn't changed my hardware for a couple of years. Thanks to Microsoft, I had to replace Windows 8.1 with Windows 10 before I could install a new video card purchased last year.  I finally got around to it yesterday and ran into the same 'no session...' problems other people have been having.  I already had Windows 10 installed on one hard drive and did a clean install on another hard drive to replace my Windows 8.1 system, so I tested Overdrive on both an old Windows 10 install recently updated with current updates (it took four days to get it to boot after the feature updates, which is why I was hanging on to 8.1) and a new Windows 10 install.  I did run IE as administrator and uninstalled the PCPitstop test add-ons on the older system.  It was a relief to find this and other threads making it clear that I wasn't the only one struggling because that last time I'd run Overdrive it had no issues.


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I managed to get a completed test result. Had to use the **OLD VERSION** link .. and go there 2 times .. the standard link ran the tests but dumped me to the normal no session page. Anyway, happy to report success, even if the long way around. I had not logged in, so the test result is not saved, I think .. http//www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=26071786 :)


I will reply to another thread about an older machine I am maintaining. Someone asked why not build a new one .. I was, but the old ones do all they needed to do .. with a little TLC. 


Sorry to be so negative in this first comment, but it is frustrating. 






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