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Microsoft Edge - Beta & Dev (chromium)

Mnt Mike

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There is still an issue with using the new chromium based Microsoft Edge, Beta & Dev with PC Matic SuperShield enabled. Although the browser can be installed and opened it will not connect to the internet. If SuperShield is disabled the browser will connect. When SuperShield is re-enable the browser goes back to displaying "This page is having a problem" for any URL entered.



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Hey @Mnt Mike and :wpcm:


Thanks for your report on this, it gives us a heads up to put on the radar. However, with this being an In Development/Beta product, I don't know how much time we can dedicate to debugging as it's most assuredly bound to change between now and their full fledged RTM.


In the interim, if you wanted to use it and Super Shield, open the browser>Right Click the Super Shield icon>mouse over Protection Level>click Pause for 10 Minutes; now refresh the page, it should load. Now go back to the Super Shield icon and right click on it again>mouse over Protection Level>click Super Shield Protection to re-enable Super Shield. This will allow you to use the Beta Edge and SS at the same time.


Hope this helps, 

Tx 🤠

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