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Want to wipe computer totally


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I want to wipe my company computer totally. What program can I either load in or load from CD that will enable me to totally wipe my computer. I do not care if win is totally wiped in doing so.Have to hand in old computers before I leave.

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They are two old computers that My wife was given to use over time. One is so old that if will not run win 10(has not been used in a few years but she has to turn in). The other runs win 10 and crashes all the time or runs so SLOW . Wife used own computer a lot of times. Wife wants to gt any personnel info off . I was going to just reformat but would like to erase every ting for her peace of mind.

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On 10/18/2019 at 1:11 PM, kburra said:

And boot from CD in computer want to wipe,in the menu chose NUKE

You are right,booting from a CD is the easiest.you can also wipe computer.




It is necessary to know before doing that.

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