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Adding 2x 120mm Fans with Corsair Hydro H60 to Computer Case?

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Haven't built PC for a while and I have a question.


I want to buy Antec DP301M case and install there Corsair water cooling.

The case is said to accept 3x 120mm fans in front and Corsair water

cooling fan and radiator size is 120mm


So 1 slot will be occupied with Corsair water cooling but there will be 2

remaining slots case's front.


Question, should I add common 2x 120mm fans in addition to Corsair

water cooling so I have 3 slots occupied in total. Or should I install

Corsair water cooling only?


What would make more sense?



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Are you using the 120mm radiator cooler that would only occupy one fan location? If so, I'd add at least another fan because those smaller cases tend to not have the best air flow through them. 


Also, make sure your gpu is a blower style(reference card) and not an axial type. With that small case, you want the heat generated by the gpu to be blown directly out the back of the case. 



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