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Add new laptop to renewal contract

Art GaNung

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In Feb. I renewed contract with you for a year.  Within a week my desktop crashed from a hijacker.  I lost everything!  I finally got a used Toshiba laptop windows 10 that I want to replace the desktop on my contract and can add my LG 20.  How do I go about this?


Thanks.   Art GaNung


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Hello @Art GaNung and :wp:

To install PC Matic on another computer (or to reinstall on the same computer) you just need to download and install the software, then login using the same email address and password as was used for the original installation. Do not try to create an account, use the license key, etc. Just login. If you need a password lookup you can do that from the login page.


You can download and install PC Matic from our customer service page at any time, or directly from this link:



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