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There is so much I need to learn. I never go on here much but I am going to start by logging on every day. It takes me forever to see if anyone reply's to me. I get so confused. Like I am trying to complete my profile. It say's very important remove tech express link  at the end . (What) I can't even get my picture on there) I aint no rocket scientist . Just a coonass from down the bayou. But I like the stuff you guy's talk about and want to start being a part of it. Any advice greatly appreciated .

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To add a profile pic:


  • Click on either your name or the big 'C' where your picture will be.
  • On your profile page you will see next to the 'C' a small image of a camera
  • Click on this and upload a picture for your profile - There maybe some size restrictions - 0.1mb so you may need to save your picture at a lower quality to upload it.


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