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"Will PC Matic still protect my Windows 7 computer after Jan 2020?"

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Microsoft Support is ending for Win 7.  MS wants you to buy a new PC with Win 10.  I have that.  However, the wife is having great difficulty grasping the new technology.  She is 70, so that is allowed.  Will PC Matic keep her PC (an HP Pavilion notebook that is 8 years old) safe while she is on the Internet?  I have imaging backups so if the worst happens I can always wipe it and then restore without much of a problem.  She does not have sensitive info stored on her PC - uses pencil and paper for that.  I do file backup weekly so nothing will get lost if a restore is necessary.

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Hey @Joe Danielson and :wp:


Thank you for contacting PC Matic Customer Service.


PCMatic with Super Shield will continue working as it does and will protect against malware just as it does now. Unfortunately once Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7, this means they will not be patching any vulnerabilities that are discovered. If there is an exploited vulnerability found on Windows 7, an anti-virus cannot stop entry as it is a glaring hole with permissions to run.


The other set back is that major software providers will eventually stop providing updates. You will get to a point where no major browser is supported so you will not be able to safely access the internet from any Windows 7 machine.


Within a year or two, it will become more difficult to maintain the Windows 7 computers, and you will notice many programs will stop working. Users with XP and Vista are getting to a point where their devices will no longer function in a usable capacity. If you are using the computer for business and have sensitive or important information on the Windows 7 computer, I would advise upgrading as soon as possible.


If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/


Tx :)

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