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Website Shortcut Icons Keep Disappearing From Tablet Homescreen When I Turn It Off


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Hi. I have a new Chewi 10 inch tablet that uses Android that works fine except that when I go to a favorite website and make a homescreen shortcut to it, it disappears when I turn the tablet off. It stays there until I turn it off, but shortcuts to sites like YouTube and others are still there when I turn it on.  And shortcuts to texts I have stored on my tablet will disappear too but will reappear when I make another shortcut for the website shortcut that disappeared. 


What's causing this, I wonder? I have shortcuts on other tablets for the same site that disappears on this tablet, that stay there when I turn them off. Those are Samsungs. 


I guess if I factory reset my Chewi, it will fix it, but is there another way, so I don't have to reload all the things I've saved?


Thanks for any help.

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