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Lenovo Tab2a10 asks for previous owners email


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Hej, I found LenovoTab2 broken glass in the garbage container and reset it. When I connected it to internet it asked for a email and login and I used mine. After a moment it says "this tab has been reset, give the previous owners email".

I did the reset just by holding the power button and volume button down, and I did not see the emmC or such to choose from. But the yellow robot appeared and it did not take more than a minute.


It has non removable battery and it is gaming tab according to Lenovo site.


I found the tab about a year back and the boy who threw it has moved out. If I could get this to work I am able to give it to a poor guy who lives in Sri Lanka and who will never be able to buy one during his life time. So poor!


Please help


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