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Unable to save files to our desktop?

Tx Redneck

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I just experienced this after updating to the 1903 update and the powershell option fixed me up.




Click image for larger version. 

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"That 'file not found' when saving is typical of an app being blocked by Controlled Folder Access. Now Notepad should not be blocked, it should be in the built-in whitelist. Sometimes however controlled folder access can get confused and 'misplace' its whitelist. 

If that is the case, then click the power button on Start and select Restart (not Shut down, it must be Restart). A full restart from cold should restore normal behaviour. A shut down may be using fast startup and would not produce the full boot from 'cold' that's required to reset things like this.

Enable or Disable Controlled Folder Access in Windows 10 | Tutorials"

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