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Cloud Vulnerability

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PC Matic appears vulnerable to cloud issues as we are experiencing today. This is really not acceptable. There should be the ability to run a scan with resident applications. While it's true the scan may not be completely up to date, but at least if a virus or other malware is suspected, there is a chance it could be quarantined with definitions on file. It would be better than not being able to do a scan at all. If this cannot be rectified, I'll probably have to return my 3 day old subscription. A knowledgeable code writer could quickly come up with a way to keep malware definitions resident on a particular machine that could be accessed by the scan function.


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Hello and :wp:


We are currently updating our servers due to an outage with CloudFlare. As a result, some features of the PC Matic program may be unavailable. This will not affect your real time protection, only the PC Matic maintenance scan.

Please try running another PC Matic scan in a few hours.


Should the issue persist, please open a trouble ticket at our help desk at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/


Tx :)

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