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Ajax error just started occurring

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Today I have discovered when I run a PC Matic scan this error occurs (attachment): This causes an error upon opening the scan results(won’t open).

I suppose this is why I have not received any emails for the scan results?


I have completely uninstalled PCMatic, cleanup all directories, rebooted, and re-installed.  Same result.


So how to fix this error, I have been using for past 3 years with no problems.

I am becoming convinced that If I can't manually run a scan successfully then PCMatic seems broken and I have no idea if it is functioning?


Please advise




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I am also having this problem. When I click OK to clear this error box, the "Checking Drivers" phase takes about 5 more seconds to complete, then the entire scan bails with no further message. (Subsequent tasks that should require another 2-3 hours to complete after this phase are not executed.) Can you please assist me to fix this situation?



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Thanks, Tx. I performed a reload/update of PC Matic in the interim (that is, before seeing your recommendation to open a trouble ticket), and it appears to have remedied my issue. Mentioning it here as a troubleshooting tip for others who might experience the same. Should it recur, I'll open a ticket as you suggest. Thanks!

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