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Chuwi Tablet Micro SD Card Wont Play Video Files Over 4GB


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Hi. I just got a Chuwi HI9 10.8 inch tablet from amazon.com because of the great 2056P resolution screen and the large amount of memory built in, 64GB, and a micro SD card slot that takes a card up to 128GB. I wanted it to watch movies and concert videos in HD but found out it only plays videos on the card that are  under 4GB.


I can format the micro SD card on my laptop to exFAT32 or NTFS and videos over 4GBs load  and play fine on my laptop, but they wont load when it's formatted to FAT32 because of the size limitation that format has.


When I turn on the tablet with the card formatted to exFAT32 or NTFS, I get a message saying the SD card is corrupted and I need to use the tablet to format it properly, of course erasing everything I put on it in the process.


The card only works when formatted to FAT32 and under 4GB videos play fine but that's really limited. Not many movies or concert videos in HD are that short so I'm really disappointed. I have three weeks to send it back but would like to know if there's anything I can do to get around this and load over 4GB videos on the card and have the tablet play them.


I read the product description on amazon and all the Q and A section but nowhere was it mentioned that with all that space, it can only play videos under 4GB. You'd think that would be mentioned.


Is there anything I can do to fix this? I just get by on computers. (and tablets). Thanks in advance.

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No is the short answer. FAT32 has a 4gb limit. Nothing to do with the tablet itself but a physical limitation of the cards format. Tablet (Smartphone) manufacturers wouldn't put this on their descriptions because the card is a 3rd party peripheral and not their responsibility, 'Caveat Emptor' as they said in ancient Rome.


The only way around it would be to hook the tablet up to a PC and load the file directly onto the internal memory that may work as I think the internal memory is exFAT (Happy to be corrected on that!)


Instal a linux OS onto the tablet and do what you like!

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I found out I can use the USB cord that came with the tablet and load videos over 4GB from my PC onto the internal memory, and since it has 64GB, that's really good, but I can't use the micro SD card for a video over 4GB? Oh well. I can always use the micro SD card to make more room for the internal memory. I think I'll keep it. Thanks a lot.

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