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Does anyone know if you can restore an external hard drive image back to the same external hard drive drive using Macrium Reflect?  The reason I ask is our company was hacked with ransom ware a couple weeks ago and we are just now getting back up and running after ending up paying the ransom.  My computers and files were not effected.  Most all my files are on external hard drives of which I have 4.  Not too worried about my Main computers (2) that I use daily because I have a system image of both that is updated every week.  My external hard drives are backed up nightly to another external hard drive.  Was just wondering if an image of this drive using Macrium would be possible and to restore it back to that drive.  I've never done an external to external image before. Our company was one of several in our area that was hit that week.  What a nightmare it was!

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