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Preventing my ISP checking on my downloads

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Can someone advise if there is a way a stopping my ISP identifying what I'm downloading (normally by torrent)?

I use uTorrent and heard about encryption but unsure if it works.


I've also read a bit about VPNs and some are free and some you pay a monthly subscription for.

Do you need a new router? How easy is it to set up for a novice?

Totally new to this but don't like the idea of being spied on.


Is the a 100% fool proof "free" way of disguising what I'm downloading??

Any help appreciated.




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Hey Fleece, 


Per our ToS we agreed to when signing up here, this isn't something we aren't at liberty to discuss or condone. 





7) Do not ask for, offer to supply, or post links to, copies of commercial software, MP3s, movies, CD Keys, Product Keys, Serial Numbers, etc. or other intellectual property for which you do not hold the copyright. Do not post full copies of copyrighted articles from elsewhere on the Internet, post a link to the article instead. You may discuss how to install and get any Peer to Peer Network program to work. This includes Kazaa, Bearshare, WinMX, and Limewire, just to name a few. However, any discussions on how to circumvent copy protection, obtaining any kind of illegal software, MP3's, movies, etc., will be removed without notice. Do not ask for or submit ways or means to bypass or remove computer passwords.


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