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PC Pitstop Stopped Working

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A few months ago, I started getting a notification every time I booted up that I did not have an anti-spyware installed and to install PC Pitstop (which was installed when I installed PC Matic on all of my devices). When I click on the error message it says to choose either Windows Defender or PC Pitstop.  It then launches the installation shield from Windows, I choose PC Pitstop and a black command prompt window pops up (see attached) with several commands and then the command screen goes black.  I tried to install Windows Defender instead and it says that another program is preventing it from installing.  I don't want my laptop to be without anti-spyware protection but cannot figure out how to get PC Pitstop to reinstall.  I have Windows 7 on this computer as it is an older one.  I don't know if that is the issue or not.

PC Pitstop.JPG

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Hola Jeanne and :wp:


Thank you for contacting PC Pitstop Customer Service.
This is a communication issue between SuperShield, and the Windows Defender service checks for active anti-virus programs on your computer. 
SuperShield is still running, but it is not being reported correctly because of the communication error. Our developers are working on the issue now, but we have a fix for it that you can try. 
Press the Windows Logo key and the R key on your keyboard.
Then type in services.msc, and press enter.
Once you do this, look for "Security Center" in the list of services.
When you find it, double click on it and another window will appear.
Look for the Start up Type and change it from "Automatic Delayed Start" to just "Automatic", this will give the notification time to actually check to see if SuperShield is running, rather than doing a quick check.
Once you do that, click the SuperShield icon in the bottom right corner of the computer screen beside the time and date. 
Choose "Protection Level" from the menu, then choose "Pause for 10 minutes"
Wait for the SuperShield icon to turn a different color, then wait 30 seconds after that.
Now, click the SuperShield icon once more, choose "Protection Level" then "SuperShield Protection" 
The SuperShield will turn green and the Security Center will report that it is on as well. 
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Hi! THANKS FOR THE DETAILS BUT I'M STILL STUCK ON ONE PART - It won't allow me to get to the "Automatic Delayed Start".  I can see it but I can't click on it.  It is sitting at a code that is blinking and won't let me get past it.  Do you know any shortcuts from here because I have been trying for days to launch and run PCMatic but it won't launch, start or run.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!  

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If you can't allow the service this way, you can try the following:

You will need to allow PC Matic and SuperShield through the Windows Firewall:


Once that is complete, stop the SuperShield Realtime service and restart:

  • type in services.msc, and press Enter
  • look for "Security Center" in the list of services (PCPitstop Realtime)
  • turn it off, then wait until the shield turns red, then turn it back on

If that does not resolve the issue, please open a support ticket here so we can take a closer look for you.

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