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That depends on what browser you're using. If Chrome, Firefox or Edge, uBlock Origin is my preference. If Internet Explorer, you'll have to modify the hosts file or use and DNS based ad blocker like Adguard. 

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I alwa

Which of these extensions do you have?
AdBlock image
AdBlock Plus image
Adblock Plus
uBlock Origin image
uBlock Origin
Browser image for the AdBlock extension
  1. Click the AdBlock icon AdBlock image in the browser extension area on the upper right-hand corner. (You may see a small number covering part of the icon.)
  2. Select Don't run on pages on this site.
  3. In the "Don’t run AdBlock on..." dialog box, select Exclude. The AdBlock icon changes to a “thumbs up” image.

ys get my email thru google news and almost every news page is asking me to drop one of these listed in order to see the page. Can you give me a suggestion on what to do here. 

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Hola @Jimmy J and :wpcm:


IMO, uBlock Origin paired with its companion, uBlock Origin Extra, is the most effective combination. 





Those can both be used in Google Chrome and the new MS Edge. If you use Firefox, look in its store for the same things. 


Tx 🤠

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