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PC Pitstop utility did not load

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When I try to run the PC Pitstop OverDrive utility, I get an error saying the utility failed to load. I am running Win7 with IE11. I have followed all troubleshooting steps on the link provded in the error message. I tried running IE as administrator with no luck.


I have used the ActiveX test utility and it works. When I run OverDrive, I never get a prompt for a certificate.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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We're investigating this issue as it seems random. I'm able to successfully run the scan on 2 of my machines, but another person here at PCPitstop cannot. When we figure it out, I'll reply back here. In the meantime, thanks for your patience.


Tx :)

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I am also trying to run the tests ive added the site to my allowed pop up blockers, active x test went fine and is running and I even did the WMI stuff and its connecting fine and I still cant get the dang page to load correctly. very frustrating as its for a job application

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