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PC Matic Licence Key Issue


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So my dad bought PC matic and sent me a extra licence key he bought, and so I installed the program and made an account using that key. I ran a scan on my computer, and after it's done it shows me the page of all the identified problems, but when I hit NEXT, it brings me to a purchase page. The licence key doesn't expire until July 26th of this year so I know it's not b/c the key is bad. It says the payment of 50$ has been processed for it, so why is PC Matic think I don't have an active key? If someone could please help me with this I'd be very grateful.

This is the page that pops up when I hit NEXT

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Hey Mark and :wp:

You'll need the email address and password he used when he created an account with us. 


Thanks for yours and your father's interest in our software. Should you encounter any issues, the most expedient route to resolution is via https://www.pcmatic.com/support/


Tx :) 

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