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Does pc matic fix problems that have occurred on our pcs like outlook name and password popup?

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I have a popup box that says "enter name and password for the following server".  Will pc matic fix that issue?  I use Windows 10 and I have tried everything I can find on the internet with no help.  I also contacted on the internet someone that would charge me an exorbitant amount of money and said they would fix it in an hour.  I was very leery of them.


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Hi Glenda;


I don't think pcmatic will fix this as it's a settings issue with the way windows handles mail.


If you have your internet browser settings set to 'delete all cookies on exit' TURN THIS OFF; webmail relies on storing your user/password combo as an encrypted cookie!! 


Do you use windows mail to download your Gmail; or do you think you may have set it up to do so at any point? If you have open the windows email client look for accounts and delete the Gmail account.



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