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Bluetooth headphones interfere with Wifi

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Hi. I got some Bluedio UFO Bluetooth headphones I like and have been taking to a Subway sandwich shop near me and using them while I watch YouTube videos and do other things on my Nexus 10 tablet, using their free WiFi. I go there about every day.


I've had the headphones since last October and they worked fine at the Subway until a couple of months ago, when videos would suddenly freeze and stay that way until I turned the WiFi connection on my tablet off and on. This happened every time I went, at least four of five times each visit. The sandwich shop uses Comcast. I tried the X-finity free trial that lasts an hour that you can can get once a month. I used it twice, and YouTube videos played perfectly with it. The Bluedios also cause freezing with my tablet when I'm home, using ATT U-Verse


I've  been using my Symphony Audio PX-5 Bluetooth earbuds at the Subway instead, and videos and everything else works perfectly with them. No freezing. I've used them around 12 hours over several visits and not one problem. It's just when I'd use my Bluedio headphones that I'd get the freezing problem.


So why would I get freezing when I used the Bluedio Bluetooth headphones but not the Symphony Audio earbuds at the Subway, and why would the Bluedios work fine with the X-finity WiFi there with no problems but have freezing problems with the free Comcast WiFi there or my ATT WiFi at home?


I tried using the Forget function for the Bluedios but still got the freezing problem when I connected again.


They worked fine for two months then just started messing up. It's too late to send them back. They do seem to work OK with my laptop though.


Any suggestions to fix this problem? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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