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willycontrol.com - hijack attempt or just spammer?


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I have been recently getting messages in the lower-right NOTIFICATIONS section of my Windows 10 Desktop, referring to a web site willycontol.com . 

Google searches on the topic have yielded no results.


Most recently, I received two instances.


The first one is from yesterday (2/5/19)  at 3:45 PM, and appears to be an ad from "Walmart Hilton", saying "We have decided to award you $1000." There is a radio button in the ad that says "CLICK HERE."


I also received a message yesterday, that said:


This site has been updated in the background."


Has anyone on this forum experienced this?


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Let's see if we can find it.


xlK5Hdb.pngFarbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) Scan

  • Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x32)or Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x64)andsave the file to your Desktop.
  • Note: Download and run the version compatible with your system (32 or 64-bit). Download both if you're unsure; only one will run.
  • Right-Click FRST.exe / FRST64.exe and select AVOiBNU.jpgRun as administrator to run the programme.
  • Click Yes to the disclaimer.
  • Ensure the Addition.txt box is checked.
  • Click the Scan button and let the programme run.
  • Upon completion, click OK, then OK on the Addition.txt pop up screen.
  • Two logs (FRST.txt & Addition.txt) will now be open on your Desktop. Copy the contents of both logs and paste in your next reply.

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