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The last few days, everytime i try to do a google search it goes to my address bar and not the the one in the middle of the screen. Is there any way I get get it back to normal? I have no idea if I did something or not. Thanks for any help

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Alright, after much searching, I've found the answer here.



"That's a misconception you have. That page you opened is actually the Chrome new tab page. If you set Google as your homepage and open it, there will be no problem. That place you wrote in is just an extension of the omnisearch bar."


I tested on my end and this is the solution to what you're experiencing.


Hope this helps, 


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Just set google.com as your home page and every time you open a new tab to search something and type in that bar, it'll behave in a manner you're expecting and accustomed to.

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