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3 error from my first PCmatic install

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I just got PCmatic and followed all the proper steps and did a full scan(used defaults), .  Now my NIVDIA driver is an older one than I had b4  and when try to download from NVIDIA site it won"t do it.  I also use a game sbscription where it proplerly shows all the games I play (several) but when I pick a random game and hit play I get a msg saying some obscure file will be saved (choose save or cancel) and I get no game, just a video of ads from the package provider, never can load a game! I been using this service for a year-it's a paid subscription service.  Why get this msg now? I am not a PC expert at all! Why is the software wanting to save related files for?  And where?  I don't use the cloud unless PCMAtic does some way.  I am stuck on this!  My wife as well when she uses the PC.

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three issues.

NVIDIA card driver set to a much older one than I had installed. Game WOW detected it...

Addons to WOW were set off-were on and latest available for WOW.

My game suscription while showing all my games , when I select any one of them instead of being able to play it, I always got a strange msg followed by a default screen for looking at old news releases about the game.


I fixed the first 2, but 3 is a mystery.  I also conataced by mail the support for the game system.

Help me if u can.  I use W10 on a fast game based desktop PC.


Doug Kendall


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Hey Doug, I replied to your first topic so we could get this resolved, were you able to submit a trouble ticket?


Please refer back to your original post here. :) 



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