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Caution: The following program is about to be executed

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I had thought I might have a virus so I ran PCMatic.  It now has come to this screen and I don't know what to do.  The reason is because I don't know what the message means.  Does it mean that Java is not working?  Java is an okay program that runs a lot of other things, from what I understand.  Or does it mean a virus that is run by Java is about to be executed?  I will write the message below and I hope a PCMatic tech sees this since I am not continuing to do anything until I am sure I do the right thing.  Here's the message.


Caution:  The following program is about to be executed

Java is blocked.  to allow, check "Allow Java" in the Protection Level menu


File:  C:\Program Files (x86)Java\jre 1.80_19\bin\javaw.exe

Vendor:  Oracle Corporation

Product Name:  Java (TM) Platform SE 8

File Description:  Java (TM) Platform SE binary

Date:  11/11/2018  17:18:21

Version:  8.0.1910.12

File Size:  192376 Bytes


The choices are:   Block   Always Block   Allow   Always Allow


So again, am I blocking Java that is a file size of 192376 Bytes or am I blocking a virus that will use Java to infect my machine of the same file size?   It is not clear from the message what to do.  Maybe add a Hint button?  >  hit this option 


The SuperShield icon is red and Allow and Always Allow are in red as well, so do I hit Always Allow?


I'd rather not guess.  Please be a tech who knows the answer who can tell me.  Thank you.



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Hello cjj and :wp: We block java by default because it's such a large attack surface and is constantly exploited by and for malware. If you need java to run, you'll have to allow it on each machine via right clicking on the green shield in your system tray. 


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