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Clearing Cookies: Yes/No

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It is a good idea to have a clear out, but retain your favourite cookies and allow the build-up of others to be removed by following my regular routine:-


1. Delete all your Cookies via the General Tab of Internet Options. Then in one (if possible) internet session, go to all your favourite sites to create the Cookies. Now, in Internet Explorer, Export the Cookies to a file, which will form the nucleus of your Cookie folder. It’s best to use external storage as it acts as a backup and you may want to Import the Cookies when installing or reinstalling Windows.


2. From time to time you will want to add new Cookies and others will become unwanted. Just delete all the Cookies, Import your backup created above, go to the Cookies folder and delete anything that is unwanted, go to any new websites so that a new Cookie is created and then immediately Export the file, thereby creating a new nucleus of Cookies.

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