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Phantom files


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I have been finding files on my Dell XPS8900 in the Documents folder that are not of my creation. They seem to have a pattern: all are at the beginning or end of the alphabetical list of files(folders begin with letters A or Z and always have a number at the end). Example: Zscans164. They have several various file types such as Word and JPG files. The file names are odd. I deleted them all a few days ago and ran a Malwarebytes scan and Kapersky AV scan with no malware detected. Now new ones are popping up daily with the same odd pattern. There is nobody else using my PC. I am baffled. They don't appear to be harmful. It almost seems that I have a type of malware but cannot detect it. I have no other issues with this PC. I have attached an example.

unknown files.PNG

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I have no idea what could cause this other then some type of app or security tool on the machine.


See if you can locate a file with an unknown extension and run it through virustotal


Please go to one of the below sites to scan the following files:
Virus Total (Recommended)
click on Browse, and upload the following file for analysis: <== file of your choice


Then click Submit. Allow the file to be scanned, and then please copy and paste the results link (for Virus Total) here for me to see.
If it says already scanned -- click "reanalyze now"
Please post the results in your next reply.

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