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Ghosts or Angels

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There was crazy snow storm on Long Island and I drove my wife to work just a few blocks away, because I had a 4X4 SUV that handled the snow quite well.


She was just going in for a half day to make a few calls and then secure the facility and then I'd return and get her back home.


Anyway, I got her there and I started on my way back.


As I was going up the hill, not a particularly steep hill, but long and travelling into some heavy wind gusts.


Along the side of the road, I see an older fellow struggling to get up the hill against the wind and the snow/sleet, etc.


He was wearing an old yellow rain slicker and the wide brimmed yellow hat.  Kinda like an old fashioned fisherman's gear that I've seen on that crab fishing TV show.


Now, I'm a nice enough guy, but I don't go around picking up people off the side of the road, but I was somehow drawn to him and his struggle.


So, I pulled up along side of him and rolled down my passenger window and asked him if I could give him a lift.


He didn't hear me, or was ignoring me, so I honked my horn to get his attention.


I again asked if I could give him a lift.


He turned and looked at me with such joy and happiness on his face and his eyes were piercing and bright.


He said,  oh no, no, I don't wish to be a bother.


I said, come on, get in, we're both heading in the same direction.


At that he stopped and looked me square in the eyes and said, "you know, that's very true".


He smiled brightly and he said, "bless you".


So, he got in the passenger's seat and I rolled up his window.


He said "bless you young man, I truly appreciate your kindness".


I asked him where he was going and it was just a block further than my house.


We chatted a little about the crazy weather, but mostly he just said "bless you young man".


When we got to the shopping center, where he was going, before he got out, he said, "God blesses you and he always will".


I said, well, if he's going to bless me then I'm certain that he blesses you as well.


He looked me in the eye and said, "yes, he does, he most certainly does and we're both heading in the same direction".


So, he got out of the truck and we waved and I drove to my house.


I felt really good that I was able to help him out.


I got the truck into the garage and closed the garage door.


When I went inside the house (there was nobody home, by the way) I saw something in the middle of the kitchen floor.


As I got closer, I saw that it was my son's rosery that had been hanging up in his room on a nail on his wall.


His room was across the kitchen, down the hall and the rosery was normally hanging on a nail on the far wall of his room on the other side of his bed.


Not only that, but it was formed in a perfect circle there on the kitchen floor, with the crucifix of Christ facing directly towards the garage door in which I entered.


I checked my son's room to see if perhaps this was a different rosery, but it wasn't.  It was the exact one.


So, I believe that fellow in the yellow raincoat is an Angel.


I never saw him again and people would walk up and down our street all the time in all of the seasons and believe me, I looked for him.


This happened in 2014, so the 60's had nothing to do with it. 😛 


Anyway, thanks for reading my Angel encounter.


:) Y   



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:lol:  LOL!   No, I'm enjoying this current adventure while I'm allowed to be in human form.


I have no doubts that the physical is finite.


Great movie, by the way........... Bill was the perfect actor for that part. :tup: 


:) Y


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