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**Your Computer Has Been Blocked**

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I thought I would alert people to this strange thing that invaded my browsing while I was on Tumblr, it's happened twice now and the only way I've managed to make it stop was to shut everything down, unplug the computer and internet connection etc, my laptop seems fine now so I'm not sure how serious this thing is, has anyone come across this before ?

Virus Scam.jpg

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This sort of thing has been around for a while. Not at all serious unless you enter your details. It runs in your browser so you might want to check any extensions or add ins for anything suspicious. There are a few malicious programs to look out for though...have a look here for some info...





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7 hours ago, kelly2 said:

Thank you so much nigsy, I will try that, I'm a little reluctant now to visit tumblr again, I was on Firefox when that happened, do you know if it matters which browser you use ?


Probably doesn't matter what browser I use Chrome (on a linux machine) and I still get the occasional fake warning telling me my pc is infected with some windows virus - which running Linux is nigh on impossible!! You could try running something like the 'No Script' extension for Firefox and see if that stops it. Apart from that it's the usual drill of making sure you have a good AV suite and run regular scans. Also if you don't already have one install a decent ad-block extension in firefox:



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