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Can't See Test Results

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I've been trying to run the PC Pitstop to find out the compatibility of my HP laptop but I\m never able to view the results. I get 1 of 2 error message and sometimes I get the survey (I don't fill it out, just press enter). One message tells me that I have cookies disabled or blocked on my browser but I had gone through the article on how to enable cookies on Internet Explorer and yet all of my cookies settings were correct. The other message I get is that more than 20 minutes elapsed since your last activity on PC Pitstop, but yet this message comes up right away I try scanning it. To scan my computer I also click on 'don't have an account' so not sure if that makes any difference, whether I have an account on this site or not.

I've read through the troubleshooting page, had factory reset my laptop and make sure all updates are installed. I am using Internet Explorer 11 and my computer is running Windows 10. I'm not sure why I'm not able to see the results.

pc scan 2.PNG

pc scan.PNG

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Hi There,


Since you are using Windows 10, in Cortana, type: Internet Explorer

 It'll show up at the top of the search.


 Right Click on Internet Explorer and choose: 'Run as Administrator'


 Navigate yourself to the Overdrive test and run the scan, then post the final URL address back into this e-mail:



See if this resolves the issue for you.


:) Y

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