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Test Result Display Fail

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Dell Inspiron 570 Desktop

Windows 7 Home Premium

Internet Explorer 11

Pitstop OverDrive



A couple days ago, after reinstalling Internet Explorer 11 and logging in to Pitstop to run a test, the test would NOT run at all.  I enabled Scripting as suggested in Troubleshooting, as well as some other IE11/Tools/Internet Option settings and I was able to advance further into the test. Reading Pitstop's Troubleshooting instructions again, I found that by resetting (check mark) the Advanced Privacy Settings to "Override automatic cookie handling" the test would run and complete ok, but (today) would not display the test results once the test completed. 


Instead I get "No Session in Progress":

Should be noted that yesterday, upon running the test the results DID display as it would normally, but today, this is the result. So, the test ran completely OK yesterday, but not today.


Any help or suggestions appreciated!


Thank you!

PCPitstop Test Results Fail.JPG

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Thanks for your suggestion.


I ran 3 tests:

Test #1 (right click IE in All Programs - Run as Administrator)  Result: successful completion with results displaying correctly.

Test #2 (right click Desktop IE Icon - Run as Administrator)      Result: FAILED (same as I first posted)

Test #3 (right click IE in All Programs - Run as Administrator)  Result: FAILED (same as I first posted)


So the big question here is: why did it complete successfully in Test #1, but not the two tests that followed?


Your thoughts?

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Truly unusual to say the least.


The Pit test does use activeX components, so let's get a fresh set put in place.


Download and save the following zip file where you can find it:




Navigate to the file, right click it and Extract all


Open the Remove-PCPitstop folder


Right click on the Remove-PCPitstop.cmd file and choose:  Run as Administrator


When the command prompt finishes, close it and restart the computer.


(right click IE in All Programs - Run as Administrator


Navigate back to the overdrive test and you'll be prompted to download a fresh set of activeX components.


Go for it and run the test.


Please let us know if this corrects the issue.




:) Y


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Thanks Y,

Well, this is certainly a strange one.  I followed your instructions to the letter and after restarting my PC right clicked on IE to "Run as administrator", opened IE, opened Overdrive and saw that I was still logged in so, I logged out, restarted Overdrive, and ran the test with the new ActiveX installed.


Unfortunately, I'm still getting the "No Session in Progress" window where the final test results should be displayed.  So, something else is preventing Pitstop from that last step.


Please note however, over the past couple of days, running Overdrive when I had the opportunity "once in a while" the result would display normally.  I'd say two out of ten times it displayed the result page normally.  So, like I said, something else is going on.


Unless you have any further suggestions, I'll do some more troubleshooting to see if I can find the source of the problem.


Until then, thank you for your input Y.



PCPitstop ActiveX cmd.JPG

PCPitstop Run as administrator.JPG

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