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The operation failed message

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Recently when I reply to an email using Outlook 2016 on HP Pavilion 15-p076sa Notebook PC I get this message - 
"The operation failed. The messaging interfering have returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook".
I usually copy and paste the email that I just typed to a Word document, so I do not have to type it all over again. Then I close Outlook and start over. That message is usually preceded by something that says "There may be info on other servers that may tell them that this is a valid email, do I want to proceed? I usually say yes. Then I get the message that the operation failed etc.
Any suggestions ? Thanks

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  • Your mail exchange server has another out of sync account on it (Gmail?)
  • Avast security is known to interfere with Outlook - if you are running avast
  • Your mail cache has become corrupted and you need to run a .pst repair

Could be anyone of those.

I would backup all your .pst files; delete your outlook profile; restart the PC and set up your profile again from scratch.

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