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vpn and browser vpn


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I am using a vpn for windows laptop.   I am using opera 54 version I just started not to use opera built in vpn proxy.  So My question is i don't have to use 

2 vpns right.  when i did an ip leak test and turned off opera vpn proxy, it revealed my vpn ip and not my actual ip address .Is that good?

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Yes, you just need one, if you are going to use a VPN, otherwise, you are just creating more redirection and slowing down your connection without any additional security being placed.


With or without the VPN enabled, it's nice to hear that you are using the Opera browser.  


It's been my favorite browser for years now.


:) Y

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2 hours ago, Tomk_ said:

At least Opera is better than Chrome.  I just can't see why so many people use it.

I'd argue otherwise, but it's really a matter of opinion. My preference for it is that Google syncs all the stuff I use, on every device and works as I expect.

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