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PC Matic AdBlocker extension not being installed

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I recently reinstalled the PC Matic software on my PC after doing a reinstall of the OS, and all of a sudden, I notice that the ad blocker extension is no longer in my browser. I checked the extensions just to make sure it wasn't just disabled and there was nothing there. I tried reinstalling the software multiple times, still nothing.

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From which browser is it missing?


PM me your registered e-mail address as the one used here at the forums is not registered with PC Matic.


Or PM me your PC Matic license key so that we can find your registered account.


Thank you


:) Y

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The latest version of Firefox disabled the use of PC Matic Ad Blocker. 


Our developers are currently working a new version that will be supported by Firefox. 


In the meantime you can open up your extensions/ Addons store on the browser and look for Ublock Origins. 


This ad blocker is very similar to ours and will help you keep the ads away as we work to resolve the issue. 


We will let you know when the issue is resolve. 


Thank you for your patience.

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Hi, my name is paul and I'm an antiviral and anti-tracker paranoid.  (HI PAUL!) 


BEFORE Firefox changed, and before Yahoo made me disable ALL my add blockers --  I was running PCM, ABP, Ghostery, and Privacy Badger.  When I closed FF and ran a scan to clean up after myself using CCleaner (free), and Glary (free) and 'internet activity' in PrivaZier (PrivaZier used to be <1 meg, now I get  5 megs cleaned up on average, a few times I've seen 20 megs cleaned -- yeah, I KNOW).  Excluding Privazier my normal clean up would dump about 100 ± ~ 20 or so cookies, trackers, etc - and right around 1 meg of .tmps.  Now that Yahoo makes me unblock all 'protection' I am now cleaning between 2K and 5K (where K=1000) cookies, trackers, etc and about 5-8 megs of .tmps.  Those numbers are all in the ballpark when I use Chrome, (I haven't used IE since forever, I used Netscape from the start - before NS there was Archie, Veronica, Elm, Pine, etc.).


I have asked Yahoo, oh I'd guess about \aleph _{0} times, what SPECIFIC trackers are necessary to run their program --- and no reply. It feels like asking an ant to not come into my house, and has about the same result.


Don't know if this is 'normal' or not.  It just :filtered: me off a LOT.  So: IS THIS A NORMAL CLEAN UP AFTER I CLOSE YAHOO AND FF?  Please and thank you. 

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Hola @pgalioni and :wpcm:


I can't really speak to how much is normal for temp files removed after a browsing session, there are too many variables. That said, I don't use yahoo, but you could try for you uBlock Originand it's companion extension, uBlock Origin Extra that foils a lot of the anti-adblockers, as your only ad-blocking extensions. Those are for Chrome, there is a uBlock extension for FF but no extra extension is needed at the moment.


That may or may not allow you to go to your Yahoo stuffs with the adblocker on, but it can't hurt to try. That's the best adblocker, imo.


Tx 🤠

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