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PCMatic Product Information popup

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In the last 2 days I keep getting a product information popup that my product needs to be updated.  It seems that it wants to load & run the setup application  pcmaticss3.0.3.5.exe.  I d/l'ed and ran the update, but the popup keeps occurring.  1) How do I stop the recurring popup? 2) If the product was truly updated to, why do I keep seeing the version as 3.0 when the product is started, or is only the major version is being displayed? 

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I believe that our developers got to the bottom of those annoying messages and shut them off.


Sorry about that.


There was a minor update to Super Shield, not to PC Matic.


Please try installing the latest version of Super Shield directly from the link below:




 Watch the Super Shield icon in the taskbar as it will be green and then change colors to red and gold.


 This indicates that it is downloading it's definitions.


 When the definition download completes, the shield will return to a green color.


 Please give the computer a final restart.


:) Y

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