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List shows 5 of 5 but the panel shows only 4

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Hi Daniel,


To the right of the computer name on the first screen of PC Matic is an option to remove any computer that has not been optimized within the last 60 days.  Computers that have been on the license more than 90 days can be removed without having to wait 60 days from the last scan and clean.  Just click on the "X".


If you are unable to complete the task because of the time table, just let us know which computer you wish to have removed and we will take it out for you.


:) Y

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16 hours ago, daniellouwrens said:

Apologies for the late reply, you know how it is, "post when you have a problem, stay away when it

is fixed"


It is fixed!!


Thanks and regards and Happy 2019




Great to see the fix worked. Thanks for letting us know.


Happy New Year - Don't be a stranger!!

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