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High-Level Threats

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This is probably a stupid question but I want to know every detail. I did a scan and it found 3 red level threats and in the summary said the red dot means 'automatic removal'. I just wish to be completely sure these viruses were completely removed. Thanks.

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Most detection's will actually be encrypted and quarantined so that they cannot function in any way.


If you wish to delete them entirely, then proceed as follows:


1)  Open PC Matic

2)  Click the Options Button

3)  Click the Quarantine Button

4)  Select the items that you wish to delete

5)  Click the Delete Button

6)  Close Options


If they are not in the quarantine, then they were removed entirely through the scan.


To check in your case, reviewing your last scan and clicking on High Level Threats, the results will always show you the exact location from which the malware was found.


You can then navigate to the location to insure that the pollution is in fact removed.


Your scan results point here for all 3 items detected:




:) Y

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