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Network Device: Amazon KFAUWI

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Clicked on File Explorer> Network and found an unknown network device named "austin" with the following credentials:




Now, I don't use any Amazon Echo devices, etc., so I was a bit taken back to find it there.


Come to find out that this is showing up on a lot of people's networks.


Here's what it is and how to be rid of it:


Thanks to Double_TT_845


"This has to do with devices scanning the wifi spectrum and found yours.  It has no implication of security as your WPA2 password will protect you from the device entering your network, hence no IP is shown even though the MAC is.


If you want to get rid of looking at other peoples' devices when clicking NETWORK, disable Microsoft windows connect now service.  Easiest way to get to Services is to go to control panel - Administration Tools - Services.  Look for "Windows Connect Now" and right click for properties (or just double click to get properties directly.)  In the drop down of startup type, choose disable.  If that service is running, you may want to stop it manually or just boot the computer. 


This works for me and I do not see any more ECHO device, Display device or other Amazon or Sony device that do not belong to my network."



This worked for me.


Anyone else finding this device present?


:) Y

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Yep. Get the same issue with the Chromecast stick. I 'see' about 4 different ones on my network; took me a while to figure out it was the apartments around me. Problem we have is that we use a shared WiFi service for the block and they do interfere with each others connectivity. 

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