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Windows Vista 64 bit


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I have a old Dell computer i would like to reiinstall. I have done it before using f8 while restarting it brings up repair option. click the repair and it brings up repair or reinstall to factory condition.

now when i press f8 the repair option is gone and i dont have a Vista disk to bring up repair just D drive for backup..I have searched  for a way to recover the f8 repair option and didnt find anything..

Is there a way to recover the f8 repair option..

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If you have the original Vista licence key you could do a clean install. Download the Vista iso from here and either create a bootable USB or burn the iso to disk.

This is the official Microsoft download - not some dodgy copy!!


**Taken the link out as this was for SP1 only**


Looks like MS have stopped providing links to Vista.



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been a long time since i messed around with a windows pc, but if memory serves there are 2 ways to reinstall the vista os from the recovery partition.

first is to use a live cd and just boot the recovery partition which should if my memory isn't playing tricks with me start the recovery options listed same as when you used to tap the f8 key so you can reinstall the os.

second is to use a live cd to examine the recovery partition and find the correct boot file and copy it back to mbr so when you tap f8 on boot up the options are again offered. i assume you lost the original functionality of the f8 key by installing a different os which overwrote the original mbr and lost that f8 function you're used to seeing.

sorry can't tell you what the correct boot file is that needs writing to the drives mbr, but i seem to remember it taking me a lot of trial and error before i managed to find the correct one, think there were a number of different files in the mbr folder (can't even remember the correct folder name now.).

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