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The Hosting company I am using had tech issues which prevented my site to open. I was concerned that I may lose all that I had so when it finally came back I saved it to my computer as an HTML file. I was not sure if this would work so once I saved it I checked it out. Much to my surprise after going off line I was able to open it go to additional pages and view hyperlinks I have on site.

My question is if they have issues again should I still be able to view this site completely?

Thank you,


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It is a good idea to have a regular backup of your hosted website. Your hosting company should have backup capability as part of your package. I would check out what they have available most likely it is on the C-Panel.


As to your surprise. I wasn't there to see what you did, so I'm not sure if you were accessing your HTML saved filed on your own local computer and surfing your website on your local computer from the saved HTML or possibly you were viewing cached pages, again from your local computer.


As to your question. If your website host goes completely dark the only thing you would be able to see are cached pages. And they won't be coming from your non-functioning host server.

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