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What is better a work group or a home group

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  I have a laptop and desktop. In the laptop I created a home group and have the password from the laptop. I went to the desktop top and it said it sees a home group and asked if I would like to join. I put in the laptop password but after a few minutes I am told the desk top cannot see home group. How to fix? What is the difference between work group and home group plus which is easier to use.?

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Didn't MS kill off homegroup in windows 10? That maybe an issue if any laptop etc is running win10.

Homegroup if you are running W7 / Win8 (And 8.1) is an easy solution for sharing of files etc.

Have a look at this for troubleshooting:




The Windows 10 solution was to push everything into the cloud using one drive so users can access files etc from there. You then set up printer sharing as normal; or (and I advise against) sharing the individual folders themselves.


Workgroup is a more complicated networking tool; hence why Homegroup was developed.



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