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How do I get 2 monitors with 2 graphics cards working on openSUSE?


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My nephew is trying to work with openSUSE. He has 2 graphics cards in his system, a GTX 980 Ti and a GTX 960. The GTX 980 Ti is connected through HDMI and is gpu 0, the monitor works fine on that card. The GTX 960 is connected through DVI and is gpu 1, the monitor has a black background, he can move the mouse over to the this monitor, but the mouse icon turns to a X and he can not do anything on this monitor. How can we configure openSUSE to allow him to use the monitor as a work space on the GTX 960?


EDIT: Forgot to mention he is using KDE desktop.

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have you got this working yet kram?

if not has he installed the nvidia drivers?
what version of opensuse is he running, tumbleweed or leap?

can't run any tests myself because i don't currently have 2 nvidia cards, but from memory i don't think i needed to do anything special after i'd installed the nvidia repo and installed the nvidia-glG04 driver.

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19 hours ago, preterjack9051 said:

I have also done the same thing on my laptop, but somehow I was unable to that finally. But consulting with  Microsoft Support Chat, helped me a lot in this regarding and they suggested me many new things in this regarding and the guide they provide is really amazing and very helpful.



How could a (Fake) MS Support page help with a Linux problem?




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