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Range extender problem

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Hi  I recently upgraded my internet router to up to 100 meg to  stream tv channels. Now my Linksys range extender isnt even recognized by my computer..if our smartphones are near the extender, our wifi is disconnected and Linksys asks for us to sign in?? saying connection has been lost.  I thought maybe it needs to be reconfigured, but I don't get any "Linksys extender setup" window at all to do this.  Its a Model RE6500, maybe the hardware is too old??  Anyway, Thanks.....with the extender unplugged, the phones hook right back up after a minute.

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I've never liked these range extenders; always had issues with them. Have you tried resetting the extender to it's factory settings and setting it up from scratch?

There should be a reset button on the back; press and hold in for about 10 seconds and then got through the setup process again (I wouldn't save the original config).


I would also visit the linksys page for your device and see if there is an available firmware upgrade.




In the end I ditched the extender and went for TPlink homeplug solution!!

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