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Re-installing OS in Win 7

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Before I can do this I have to have the right install disk. I've kept many over the years and this is bad in my case as I cannot read the Product Key off of the label on the PC. If I use the product key listed on the install disk envelope I'm afraid Microsoft will not go for it. I can read a few letters but can't find any to match and on a disk. I've given away so many Win 7's that I probably gave away the wrong install disk with the right code.

Before I wipe this pc's system and reinstall it, where can I find the product key in the internal pc. I seem to remember that years back someone asked this.

Win 7 64 bit. I also have a Win 7 32 bit to re-install.

Thanks in advance for your help.



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Hi rgsmile ,,  If the pc is still up an running , Download Belarc Advisor an install , then click to run , pan down the page an on the right hand side the Windows Product Key will Show ok , hope that helps  Regards Philip ...

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